There are three basic indicators of emotional health in my life: reading, writing, and running.  It is here, as I write, that I am able to slow the swirling chaos that is my mind.  Since books were my first beloved friends, I write primarily about those that changed my life most profoundly.  On occasion, the human friends I now have also make an appearance.

In the same way that Aslan is not a safe lion, this is not a neat blog.  I write from the messy depths of my heart, where many things are uncertain and I have come to live in mysterious contentment.   I am seeking grace.  I am seeking healing.  I am seeking wholeness.  And somehow I know I will find those things in Jesus, but often I can only get near enough to hear the whispers of His power.  The Great Story is hidden in many lesser stories.  I want to share the glimpses I find in those smaller places, in hopes of pointing fellow travelers to the True End on the Road of Life.

Reading is like breathing to me, and used book stores are the epitome of bliss.  I have many favorite authors, but for anyone desiring grace, poignancy, and deeper meaning in life, here is my short list of must-reads:

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